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Have you been wanting some clarity in your life? You may have lost direction and are unsure of the way forward. There may be confusion that is leaving you feeling fearful, listless and uncertain. Or you simply wish to hear your profound inner wisdom underneath the chatter of your everyday thoughts. 


I am here to help you with these challenging and complex situations.


See, your Soul has ushered you into this exact position so you may learn, grow and evolve. Sometimes, you can get stuck and bogged down by the weight of your circumstances, and you become entangled in the trappings of the mind. 


The mind that got into this position is not the same mind that will be able to move you beyond it. Often, a higher perspective, one that comes from your Soul, your eternal consciousness, the Divine aspect of you, is needed to navigate a way forward.


Through deep listening, intuition and guidance, I will craft you a Soul Letter that comes directly from the part of you that knows, unaffected by the outer world's movements and fluctuations. Your Soul always wants to share its intelligence, so if you cannot hear through the intensity of your life, let me listen for you and write the words that will help you understand.


There is a choice of two Soul Letters:


Option 1: Send your birth date and photo of yourself, and your Soul Letter will comprise details that your Soul wishes to share with you now. 

Option 2: Write a short letter addressing your Soul detailing your problems and concerns. The letter returned to you will offer feedback and counsel towards your specific issues. 

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